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At Splinters Workshop we have all the machinery and tools you need for your DIY metal or woodwork project.

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Splinters Workshop DIY Metal and Woodwork

Our Story - Splinters Workshop comes to life!

Way back in 2013 we first came up with the idea of a shared workshop space. As enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers both Marco and I knew about about woodwork – ok Marco knew more – however we both had our own tools and our own workshops (though obviously nothing on the scale of the Splinters Workshop) and as a result we just loved fixing things and making random stuff!

We got talking and decided undoubtedly it would be very cool if we could set up a space where we would be able to play with tools all day and then others could join us and together we could learn to fix things, and build even more random stuff! After a beer or two, we thought this was a great idea, and after even more beer we decided that as a matter of fact this was actually the best idea ever, and so the seed that would become Splinters Workshop was sewn!

Splinters Workshop - It's a Go!

However life, work and other commitments took over with one thing and another, and despite our promise that we would do it, we became immersed in other things and the timing just never felt perfect. Over 6 years passed before we decided that there would be no time like the present! The present, as it turned out, would be in the middle of the level 5 Covid-19 lockdown – but as they say nothing’s ever perfect, and armed with enthusiasm and not just a little chutzpah Splinters Workshop DIY Metal and Woodwork was a go!

As seasoned businessmen we know that there are no guarantees especially when it comes to launching new adventures, but we also believe in putting our hearts on the line and committing 100%. So with that we launched not any old workshop but a spectacular one, that would allow us to spend our days helping other people make amazing things, have fun, where we can do what we are great at, and with any luck we can make a few bucks as well!

So welcome to Splinters Workshop. It’s a place of adventure, where everything you can imagine, you can make!

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